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Position Befriend Migrant Brothers
Description of duties

This opportunity involves the volunteer contacting the migrant brother individually via WhatsApp to find out basic information such as which dormitory they are currently residing in, if they have any immediate needs or concerns, as well as if we can continue to engage them in a meaningful manner. We will also introduce the migrants to our ongoing basic and intermediate English classes for more in-depth engagement.

Due to the pandemic we have to find new ways to connect and to remain relevant in our outreach efforts even though physical contact and face-to-face interactions may be very limited.


Having a willing heart to reach out to brothers in Singapore, as well as patience and a heart of understanding as their English might not be their first language.

If the brothers are open and agreeable to receiving care packs, we do periodically distribute care packs and the volunteer, sometimes with the aid of their Small Group, has the opportunity to plan, pack and distribute the packs.


(Short to Medium) Depending on the willingness of the migrants to converse with the volunteer.
- Medium

WhatsApp messaging

Contact Send an email indicating your interest with your name, contact no. and email address to Evangeline Leong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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