Wesley Social Service Ministry (WSSM)
- Financial Assistance

The Wesley Social Service Ministry (WSSM) is set up by Wesley to help the poor and needy.


If you are approached by anyone asking for financial assistance, please ask them to call the WSSM, Mr Aaron Fun at 6837-9235 during office hours.

Wesley Counselling Services (WCS)

Life can be difficult. It’s not easy to cope with life’ changes: change in lifestyle, in career, in relationship, in health situation. Sometimes it’s difficult just being with another person. Or being married. Or communicating your thoughts and ideas to another person.


At times we all struggle with anxiety or depression, feeling alone, problems with job, determining what we want to do with our lives, relationships with other people, pressures in school or at work, growing older or retirement.


When the pain from any of these life events becomes unbearable and prevents you from doing your daily chores, then time with one of the WCS could be helpful.


To make an appointment, please call Ms Caroline Ong at 6837-9214 during office hours.

Wesley Women's Cancer Support Group (WWCSG)

The Wesley Women’s Cancer Support Group which began as a Breast Cancer Support Group in 2002 has grown to include gynaecological and other women’s cancers. WWCSG at Wesley is a group of cancer survivors who would like to reach out to newly-diagnosed patients as well as those undergoing treatment to help them on their road to recovery. The group aims to look at recovery from a Christian perspective, and to help members grow their faith and walk with God.


For more information, you may contact the Pastoral Care Ministry at Tel: 6837-8612 / 6837-9266 during office hours (9am to 6pm).