Early in 1885, Rev William F. Oldham was appointed to head the work of the Methodist Church in Singapore. He arrived with Dr James Thoburn and together they conducted a series of evangelistic rallies. These rallies were held in the Town Hall (later to be the Victoria Memorial Hall). It was here that the first Methodist Church in Singapore was established. The Church met weekly in the Town Hall until December 1886 when it moved to a building in Coleman Street (later to become the Anglo-Chinese Primary School's hall). The Church was then known as The English Church.

In early 1907, Sir John Anderson, the governor of Singapore, granted a piece of land at Fort Canning (today's site) for a Church to be erected. This was in recognition of the Church's contributions in the fields of missions and education. Under the leadership of Rev A.J. Amery, the new building at Fort Canning was completed and named The Wesley Methodist Church. The governor was so interested in the construction of the Church that he personally laid its cornerstone!

Wesley's growth was interrupted during the war years. Her building was stripped and used as an ammunition depot. The only items belonging to the Church which survived the war was a badly damaged Hammond organ, the lectern, the marble baptismal font and the stained glass windows. The Church was rededicated on Easter Day 1948. God has continued to bless Wesley in special ways, particularly with an increase in membership and ministry.

In 1977, major renovations were carried out to meet Wesley's expanding ministry and growth. This has not proven to be adequate and another extension project was embarked on in 1988 to keep pace with the rapid increase in membership and ministry.

All in all, we give thanks to God for His blessings, guidance and empowerment that built on the foundations of faith, wisdom, commitment and vision of our predecessors, we at Wesley may look ahead with confidence and in love to the continuing work of God.