• Train and equip Christian volunteers to respond to disaster and pre-disaster situations.
  • Recruit and mobilize crisis relief volunteers to the field.
  • Intercede for disaster areas and victims.
  • Some Wesley members have already attended crisis relief training, and some have participated in crisis relief trips to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Gujarat, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal and the Philippines.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Pro-active participants who are being trained for crisis relief by attending relevant courses, and going on short trips.
  • Relief medical doctors and nurses.
  • Child disaster relief workers.
  • Trauma counsellors.
  • Prayer partners.



  • CRW seeks to demonstrate God’s love to victims of disasters through relief work, with the aim to be operationally ready locally and abroad.


  • To train and mobilize our congregation to do relief work primarily in Australasia, preferably air travel within 7 hours, in partnership with Evangelical Christians, non-religious, governmental or non-governmental organizations engaged in relief work.
  • To raise awareness on disaster preparedness within communities at risk.
  • To engage in the survival and re-construction phases of relief work, generally up to 6 months post-disaster: child crisis care, medical relief, and relief aid distribution of essentials goods.

Principal Considerations


  • Partnership with local churches and agencies - Volunteer crisis relief worker send by the Church will work along side with local church and agencies by providing support and assistance.
  • Selection of Partner Relief Agencies - The crisis relief team should preferably partner with Christian relief agencies that are experienced, credible, well established and approved by the Church.
  • Level of Partnership in Relief Work - Partnership in relief work with local churches and agencies will be up to early rehabilitation and re-construction phases.
  • Selection & Screen of Volunteer Relief Workers – Criteria to be considered are;
    • Emotional maturity and ability to withstand trauma.
    • Physical health – relatively healthy and able to endure sleepless nights, poor conditions and probable stress on the body.
    • Spiritual maturity – maturity in spiritual walk and has sound doctrinal background
      • Spiritual covering.
      • Submission to team leadership.
      • Prayer covering.
    • Training/experience in Crisis Relief.
    • References – Pastors/PTMers/LCEC.
    • Regular Wesley Church attendance for at least 6 months.
    • Application form approved and accepted by the committee.
  • Volunteer’s Safety - Volunteers’ health and safety are of paramount concern and it will precede any relief project.
  • Types of Aid – Aid can be broadly classified into 3 distinct means; (a) Providing trained & skilled personnel for very specialized projects, (b) Providing cash and (c) Providing relief aid such as food supplies and specific materials. There is a need to identify what type and level of aid CRW can support and provide in the different phases in the event of a disaster.
  • Core Values – Partnership in relief work with local churches and agencies will be up to early rehabilitation and re-construction phases.
    • We are Christians (prayer, Bible-centred, kingdom advance, reconciliation, uphold Christian principles, intercessions, integrity, humility, personal testimony).
    • Commitment to poor and needy and suffering regardless of background (race, language, religion).
    • Response/Ready and responsive.
    • Flexibility & Adaptability.
    • Care and value people entering their world, cultural sensitivity.
    • Service, teamwork, safety of members/stewards.
    • Evangelical, protestant/non-religious relief organizations partnership eg. World Vision, CREST, CRS, Red Cross, TRAC, CAC


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