Who We Are


    1. To train and mobilize our congregation to do relief work primarily in Australasia, preferably air travel within 8 hours, in partnership with Evangelical Christians, non-religious, governmental or non-governmental organizations engaged in relief work.
    2. To raise awareness, train, build up, and assist communities-at-risk in disaster preparedness and response.
    3. To engage in the survival and re-construction phases of relief work, generally up to 18 months post-disaster: children ministry, medical relief, distribution of essentials goods, and any other relief-related aid towards assisting the rehabilitation of the affected communities.



  • Birthed in June 2001
  • Chairperson
    2001 – 2002: Pat Loh/Winston Chang
    2002 – 2005: Dr Tan Kok Heng Adrian

    (Name change from Wesley Disaster Relief Ministry to Crisis Relief Wesley)

    2005 – 2007: David Lee
    2007 – 2008: David Lee/Christina Phung
    2008 – 2010: Christina Phung
    2010 – 2015: Kelvin Koh
    2015 – 2017: Kan Kwong Chung
  • Countries travelled: India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam


Core Values 

  1. We are Christians (prayer, Bible-centred, kingdom advance, reconciliation, uphold Christian principles, intercessions, integrity, humility, personal testimony) who seek to assist affected communities irrespective of religion, creed or race;
  2. Commitment to poor and needy and suffering regardless of background (race, language, religion);
  3. Responsiveness and Readiness;
  4. Flexibility & Adaptability;
  5. Exercise cultural sensitivity and acknowledge the intrinsic value and uniqueness of all peoples;
  6. Excellence of Service;
  7. Teamwork and Unity; 
  8. Good stewardship; and
  9. Partnering with like-minded churches and NGOs, non-religious relief organizations (eg. World Vision, CREST, CRS, Red Cross, TRAC, CAC).


Committee / Staff

Chairperson: Kan Kwong Chung
Vice-Chairperson: Kelvin Koh Hong Yap
Committee Members: Katy Tay Weiling
Christina Phung Choong Hoe
Teng Chee Tiong
James Tan Seng Kiat
Lee Siew Cheng
David Lee Swee Ee (wef June 2017)
Cecilia Chow Min Po (wef June 2017)
Low Bee Lian Esther (wef 23 July 2017)
Lay Leader Representative: Leow Kim Liat
Pastor: Rev Benjamin Lee
Pastor-in-Charge: Rev Stanley Chua
Pastoral Team Member: Rosalia Mahendran
Programme Coordinator: Belinda Foo (wef March 2017)