DISCIPLE is a series of in-depth Bible studies to equip believers for service.
The motto of DISCIPLE is:
"If you make my word your home you will indeed be my disciples." John 8:31 NJB
Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study 
(a.k.a. "DISCIPLE 1") is the foundation of the DISCIPLE Bible Study programme.

DISCIPLE assumes that the bible is the key to renewal in the church.  
It recognises the human-divine nature of the Bible: The actual texts of Scripture were written by human beings like ourselves in their cultural settings, under the divine inspiration of God.

DISCIPLE affirms that the canon was formed as it is in order for God to speak to us. Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study gives equal time to both the Old and New Testament, emphasising the wholeness of the Bible as the revelation of God. DISCIPLE aims at transformation, not just information, and calls on persons to submit themselves to examination by Scripture, to put themselves under the power of God?s Word, and to be changed by God?s Word. DISCIPLE invites persons to bring their experiences and struggles to the Scripture. All persons know something is amiss with their existence and yearn for the Word from God.

Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study uses biblical language and images and draws upon the work of scholars to aid understanding of the Bible.

This study requires reading large portions of Scripture each week and is based on careful study and preparation. During the course of thirty-four weeks, groups will move through the biblical stories of Creation to the New Jerusalem. The titles of the sessions along with theme words; theme verses; and major persons, events, and topics will set the sequence of the biblical story in the minds of the participants. The principal Scripture for each session follows the chronological movement of the biblical story.

That really depends on whether you are willing to make the commitment to journey together with the other participants. It DOES require a significant commitment. But those who are willing to put in the effort will be richly rewarded.

Commitment involved:  


  • 34 weekly sessions for DISCIPLE 1 (32 for DISCIPLE 2, 3 & 4)
  • 30 minutes of reading and study 6 days a week
  • Weekly group sessions are two and half hours (7.30pm to 10pm)


DISCIPLE 1 graduates in 2011