According to Wesley's Missions Policy, the Missions Committee has a number of well-defined tasks:


  1. Make our congregation aware of the Biblical basis for theirChristian responsibility in the field of missions.
  2. Inform our congregation of the state and needs of our missionaries, missions fields and the missionary organisations we support.
  3. Encourage our congregation in the task of intercessory prayer for world missions / evangelisation, and for our missionaries.
  4. Care for the missionaries supported by Wesley Church, and to encourage our congregation to do the same.
  5. Identify, nurture and evaluate suitable members of Wesley Church with the call to tentmaking, short-term ministries and full-time pastoral or cross-cultural ministries.
  6. Send out missionaries and full-time workers into the field, locally or overseas, in collaboration with missions agencies or para-church organisations.
  7. Serve as a liaison between Wesley Church and our missionaries, our students, and the missionary organisations we support.
  8. Organise a missions education programme (including overseas missions trips and missions seminars), to expose and challenge our congregation and so bring missions into the very fabric of our church life.
  9. Develop and administer the church funds and designated giving allocated to Missions and Training Support.
  10. Implement the Missions Policy and review it every 3 years.


In order to fulfil these roles, the committee has organized a few subcommittees:


Care & Nurture: processes applications for full-time theological studies or missions service, and also reviews and approves support for trainees and missionaries.


Field Development Team (FDT): plans and initiates programmes to develop the ministry in the various missions fields supported by Wesley. The subcommittee also provides training on missions related matters such as Missions Team Prep Course.


Awareness: this subcommittee runs the Kairos training programme as well as other events and seminars to promote missions awareness and involvement.

Ad-hoc subcommittees are constituted when needed to review the Missions Policy and for the organization of missions conferences.


Currently all 3 subcommittees need help. Please contact the PTM for Missions for details on ways you can be involved.