Pastoral Care Ministry at Wesley is involved in:


      Bereavements namely wakes, funerals, memorial services including grief support – spiritual and emotional

      Ministering to the sick in the hospital, nursing home and/or hospice

      Serving Holy Communion and offering support to the elderly and homebound, including their caregivers

      Home blessings

      Training/courses to support and equip worshippers for the ministry of care

      Support groups such as the Wesley Women’s Cancer Support Group (WWCSG)

      Spiritual Wholeness & Healing (SWH) modules which provide inner healing and deliverance, biblical nurture, emotional and relational counsel and support to participants

 Check our Programmes page for the next pastoral care course.


When you need help (e.g. bereavements or request for hospital visits), please call the Pastoral Care Ministry at 6837-8612 or 6837-9266.

A pamphlet on Information And Checklist For Bereavement And Funeral is downloadable here.