How The PrayerNet Began


The PrayerNet began in 1996, straight after Wesley's then senior pastor, Rev David Wee, was knocked down by a taxi while in the midst of carrying out his pastoral duties. The injury to his knee left him recovering for four months.

Loh Kar Wai, a Wesleyan, felt galvanized to set up a network that could provide an almost immediate response in intercessory prayer to urgent needs. This led to him gathering a network of people connected by email, as well as by the desire to pray for those in need.  He passed the baton to Kathlyn Tsang in 1997, when she was appointed as Pastoral Team Member in-charge of the prayer ministry.


PrayerNet Mission Statement


People Needing Prayer


The individual needs to communicate their prayer request to the PrayerNet. Regular updates (weekly, or monthly, depending on urgency) are necessary to keep the intercessors informed. Of utmost importance are thanksgivings, which give the glory to God, and inspire the intercessors to continue their good work.


Wesleyans Willing to Pray


To be an Intercessor you must acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and need to be attending Wesley. Your phone number and your email address are necessary.  You are also required to keep all requests confidential.


How does the PrayerNet Work?


It's quite simple. When you receive a prayer request through the email, pray immediately for it. How many times should you pray? As many times as you are led to. Some intercessors keep files of each prayer request, and may review them in prayer on a regular basis. Others prefer to pray once. The power of the PrayerNet depends on the dedication of each person to pray focused prayers for each request that comes. The rest is up to God.