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Bible Reading Drive 2018!

1 Jan 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

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Bible Reading Drive 2018

From a humble idea to encourage every Wesleyan to inculcate the Spiritual Discipline of reading the Scripture daily and thereby to Grow in Christ, the Bible Reading Drive (BRD) was developed in our Church. It has been two years since. For those of you who have joined us in this BRD expedition, my heartiest congratulations for your faithfulness and I pray that it has been a wonderful spiritual journey.

As we enter 2018, our Church will be focusing on Building Community, but that does not mean that we stop Growing in Christ. On the contrary, the three focus areas are meant to build upon each other though our implementation might seem linear. This means that as we Build Community in 2018, we want to continue to Grow in Christ.

With that in mind, we have developed a new three-year reading plan to continue with our Bible Reading Drive from 2018 to 2020. This reading plan is developed in-house by Wesleyans, for Wesleyans. Our reading plan will coincide and supplement our Church’s major events and initiatives so as to give us a spiritual perspective of our activities. We have also consciously made the daily reading as short as possible to allow us to meditate, reflect, encounter and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

In 2018, our reading plan will focus on Paul’s epistles. As we strive to Build Community, let us learn from Apostle Paul how we can live a life worthy of obeying our Lord Jesus’ command to love one another (John 15:12).

May I encourage every Wesleyan to join us as we go on another BRD expedition in the next three years to read the Scripture, obey His Word and be transformed by His Spirit.

To God be the Glory!

Tony Tng (Chairperson, Discipleship & Nurture Committee)

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Wow, we made it!

We have finally come to the end of our church’s two-year Bible reading plan. Over the past two years, we have read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. 


Congratulations! And thanks be to God!

But let’s go on another drive!

In this coming New Year, we are not stopping. We are hitting the road again! We are going on another fresh and scenic Bible Reading Drive. This time, we will follow a new 3-year Bible reading plan developed in-house. Written by Wesleyans for Wesleyans!



The new reading plan will support the church’s theme and initiatives 

To support our church’s Building Community focus in 2018, the reading plan will focus on reading Paul’s letters to the early churches where we can pick up useful teachings on loving one another and staying united despite our diversity.

During Holy Week, we will read Luke’s account of Jesus’ final week on earth.

These are just two of the many that we have tailored to meet our needs.



Shorter passages for deeper reflections

The daily main passages will now be shorter than usual. This allows us more time to reflect and respond to God’s Word.



Psalms every day, except Friday

Besides the main passage, we will also be reading the Psalms daily from Saturday to Thursday.

A passage from Proverbs every Friday

On Fridays, we will read passages from Proverbs only.



Focus on Jesus in December 2018 

Finally, in December, we will devote our reading to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, as told through the Gospel of Matthew, aptly ending 2018 with the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”. This will lead us nicely to 2019 where the church’s focus is “Impacting the World”.



Church leaders to cheer us on the way

Encouraging us along this journey, our church leaders will be writing weekly reflections which will be published in Wesley Weekly. Space will also be given to you to write your own reflections from the week’s readings, and takeaways from the weekend’s sermon.



On the R.O.A.D.



Devotion is a spiritual discipline that enables you to receive God’s Word into your life. You could do this on your own but committing to a group spurs you on and also gives you the opportunity to hear what God may be saying to you through other members in the group.


Your Commitment

1. Join or gather a group of seven to eight people who will commit to read the Bible on their own daily, and meet as a group once a week.


2. Commit to an initial period of six weeks and, closer to completion, revisit your commitment with other members in the group.


3. During the six weeks, read the Bible daily by following the BRD Reading Plan.


4. Meet as a Devotion Group for one hour a week. This is what you will be doing during the 60 minutes:


a. First 20 minutes – Read the assigned Bible passages for the day in silence and in one another’s presence.


b. Second 20 minutes – Write in your journal what God is saying to you through the Scriptures. (Refer to section below on Using the R.O.A.D. Format for your journaling.)


c. Final 20 minutes – Share, as you are comfortable, what God has been saying to you in the last 40 minutes. 





As you do the readings, use the R.O.A.D. (Read, Observe, Apply, Do) format to help you hear and respond to what God is saying to you through the Scriptures. Write your entries in your journal.


<Click here to download the Guide to Using the R.O.A.D. Format (PDF)>

BRD2018 Reading Plan

<Click here to download the Bible Reading Plan 2018 (PDF)>

Mobile Apps

On iOS Platform (iPhone/iPad) On Android Platform

<Click here to download app> (iOS)

<Click here to download app> (Android)

Step 1:

Go to App Store and search for “Reading Plan” by James H. Price.

Step 2:

Go to “Settings” by tapping on the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

Tap “Reading Plan”, and “View

Available Plans”.

Step 4:

Scroll down the page listing all the available plans and locate “BRD-2018”. Tap the “Download” button.

Step 5:

Tap “Done” to go back to “Reading Plan” in “Settings”. Select “BRD-2018” by tapping on it.

Step 6:

Go to “Settings”. Tap “Bible Links” to choose the Bible App (e.g. YouVersion) of your choice.

Step 7:

Go to “Settings”. Tap “Start Date” and set the start date to “1 January 2018”. Click “Done”.

Step 1:

Search and download “Quick Bible” from Google Play Store.

Step 2:

Tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines.

Step 3:

In the drop-down list, tap “Reading Plan”.

Step 4:

On the next screen, tap on the “+” icon to get to the “Download” screen.

Step 5:

Click on the tab “BY ID”. Type in “brd2018wmc” (case-sensitive).

Step 6:

After download, tap on the name “Bible Reading Drive 2018 (BRD2018)“ to select the reading plan.

Step 7:

Next, tap on the date “Day 1: XX XXX XXXX”, and in the drop-down list, tap “Set Starting Date” and set it to “1 Jan 2018”.


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Just jump on-board and follow the plan. When you read and obey God’s Word to love one another in 2018, you will Grow in Christ while Building Community at the same time!



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