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Bible Reading Drive 2019

1 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2019



Bible Reading Drive 2019

Bible Reading Drive (BRD) was started in 2015 to encourage all of us to read God’s Word every day. The good intention is to help us inculcate a spiritual discipline in the daily reading of His word. Spiritual Discipline is one of the five holistic environments in which we believe we can experience spiritual growth in our faith. The other four environments in our Wesley Discipleship Model (WDM) are Significant Circumstances, Scriptural Obedience, Spiritual Relationships and Sacrificial Service. The five environments form the acronym ‘CORDS’.

In 2019 and 2020, our church will embark on the focus of ‘Impacting the World’. We are encouraged to love and serve our community. This is the Sacrificial Service environment in our WDM that we are advocating for all of us to avail ourselves to as part of our discipleship journey. In a holistic manner, the daily reading and reflection of BRD verses will help us be anchored in the dependence on our Lord as we serve. So let’s join hands with our brothers and sisters in our church to ‘Impact the World’!

David Mok (Chairperson, Discipleship & Nurture Committee)


Let's GO! BRD2019

There is no need to sign up. 
Just jump on-board and follow the plan. When we read and obey God’s Word in 2019, we will Grow in Christ, Build Community, and Impact the World for Him!



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