Small Group MinistryWhat is a Small Group?


The Small Group is the basic building block of the life of the local congregation and is fundamental to the development of individual and corporate Christian lifestyle. It is an intentional face-to-face gathering of not more than 12 people who meet regularly for the common purpose of worship, nurture, community and mission. It is a community that is not so large that you will be cut off from deeply and personally giving and receiving genuine love. It provides a secure environment for individuals in the community to glow, grow and be equipped and trained for the work of Christian Ministry. The Wesley Small Group Ministry exists for these purposes.


Small Groups in Wesley...


The Small Group Ministry was officially launched in 1985 with 8 groups meeting in member's homes in different parts of Singapore to cope with increasing membership.


By then, Wesley Methodist Church was already a large church, attracting 2500 to its 7 services. Therefore the idea of more effective and personalised channeling of pastoral care, nurturing, spiritual growth through the Small Group Ministry was a positive step forward.


Some of the Small Groups formed then are still around today and growing stronger, while others have either "evolved" - different leader, different focus, new members - or have multiplied. From a survey conducted at the end of 1998, we found that there are a total of 908 Small Group members in 69 Small Groups here in Wesley. Of these, 740 are Wesleyans.


We have more than 140 established Small Groups in Wesley! And, if you're not a member of a Small Group, you would be able to find one that suits your needs, one that you may grow and glow with.


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