Creative Speech & Dance Programme

Open to: Nursery to Kindergarten 2
Classes: 4 sessions in a month
Duration: 45 mins per session
Fee: S$30 per month
Registration: S$5 (one-time payment)


About The Programme

This programme is developed from a set of structured reading materials - 'Storyworlds' from Heinemann (UK).

It is well integrated with the pre-school's learning themes to offer an enriching and cohesive learning experience for young children. The approach follows the child's natural way of learning, for it employs Art, Body Movement, Sound and Music, Creative Poetry, Speech (Phonics) and Drama, Creative Thinking and Writing.


  • A breadth of Literacy Experience
  • Developing a store of Sight Vocabulary
  • Achieving Phonological Awareness
  • Linking Reading to Writing
  • Dramatisation
  • Public Speaking