Letterland Phonics / Language Arts

Letterland uses entertaining stories to teach letter behaviour in ways that even very young children can understand and enjoy. In place of meaningless rules and exceptions, Letterland characters like Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben make children instantly aware of the way letters look and sound.

Growing With Mathematics

A well balanced mathematics curriculum that engage children so that they can construct concepts and skill by interacting with the real world. At the same time, through appropriate activities that encourage children to talk and write about their thinking and reasoning, children language grows.


Stimulate your child's interest in Chinese culture and language through our interesting and creative program.

Discovery Science

Intrigue your child in the study of science through observations, experiments, exploration and investigation of scientific element like plants and animals. In addition, your child will learn to understand and clarify cognitive concepts and expand their knowledge.

Fun Cookery

Engage your child in science discovery and fun culinary activities where he/she will pick up motor coordination, cognitive, social and language skills.

Music and Movement

Develop your child's aural training, melody, rhythm and creative skills through singing, dancing and playing of simple percussion instruments.

Creative Art

Hone your child's artistic abilities through small motor control, eye-hand coordination, sensory perception, aesthetics and self-expression. Art activities serves as an excellent form of exploration which greatly enhances your child's power of imagination.

Computer Exposure

Your child will use the computers as a tool to enhance learning, which complements the classroom curriculum. What's more, computers help to bridge the gap between different subjects like music and math.