Where am I in my Discipleship Journey?

#1 Take a Spiritual Health Checkup

Each year many of us will go through a physical check-up, a performance review at our workplace, and perhaps do a financial health check. But how often do we take time to review our spiritual life?

#2 Take Charge of Your Spiritual Growth!

Sustaining a healthy spiritual life requires an intentional and disciplined effort. It is important for Christians to strive for a healthy spiritual life so that we can work towards the transformative power of God and run a good race for and with Him. God created you and me uniquely and each of us is on our own faith journey in God’s time and at His pace. Wesley Methodist Church’s approach to discipleship recognises this fluidity and provides flexible and varied spiritual growth opportunities for you in the Wesley Discipleship Model. These are Significant Circumstances, Scriptural Obedience, Spiritual Relationships, Spiritual Disciplines and Sacrificial Service - CORDS that help us grow as a disciple of Christ.

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