Financial Assistance

The Ministry recognises that there is a segment of people in our society who have been marginalised through various reasons and are therefore living in conditions of hardship. It is to this group of people that the ministry seeks to reach out to, to share God’s love. This in practical terms mean that the ministry must go to where the people are; to meet their needs is first to understand their way of life, the environment from which they come from and the culture of hardship. This understanding is essential for building bridges of trust and friendship, something required before the church can begin to share God’s love to our friends. The ministry endeavours to win the trust and friendship of the community through Christian social care and concern.

To make an appointment, please contact Wesley Financial Assistance office at 6837 9235 (By appointment only).

The office is closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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