- A Personal Ministry To Every Child

In CM, we aim to teach and model God’s Word not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor-friend to the child. Through a holistic program, we hope to help children exercise their faith in concrete ways that will strengthen their Christian identity - one that is based on God’s word.
Besides the weekend children’s church services, the ministry also organizes bible camps, mission trips, social concerns projects and life skill workshops for children. Other ministry arms include Praise Special Community (PSCom) – a ministry for individuals with special needs.
Our Mission Statement
The Children's Ministry seeks to disciple children into a vibrant personal relationship with God, through the teaching and obedience of His Word, in order to bear witness for Christ and be empowered to serve and worship God in His kingdom.

(Based on Luke 24:46-49, Matthew 28:18-20)
Core Elements

1. Holistic discipleship program
Which goes beyond Bible stories and classes, to meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social needs of every child.

2. Ministering to a child
Recognizing their fears, hurts, insecurities, passion and preferences, and going beyond teaching them.

3. A Coordinated Curriculum
Combined with creative communication tools to make God’s Word come alive and relevant for a child. The curriculum will be flexible enough to cater to the current needs of children while at the same time ensuring a comprehensive coverage of Biblical teaching.

Children's Ministry Recruitment 2019 | Wesley Methodist Church from Wesley Media on Vimeo.

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