Women's Society of Christian Service

Women's Society of Christian Service, better known by its initials WSCS, is a ministry within the Church for women of all ages. The main purpose of WSCS is to help women grow in christian maturity and unite them in christian service.

The executive and administrative functions in WSCS rest in the Executive Committee. It is supported by five sub-committees, each tasked with the planning and implementing of programmes for the ministries of Witness and Evangelism, Outreach and Social Concerns, Discipleship and Nurture, Mission and Local Church Activities.

WSCS welcomes participation from all women members of the Church, and it is hoped that as they become involved in its activities, they will also embrace with enthusiasm and commitment the objective set out in its mission statement:


"To know Christ and to make Him known"


For more information about WSCS, please call Sally Ang at 6336 1433 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Breakfast & refreshment ministry
Participate in Wesley Food Fair
Organise talks
Serve as ushers
Perform at special events
Conduct workshops

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