Praying for missions is absolutely vital and no missions work can be started or maintained without committed, sustained and sometimes intense prayer.
Many missions leaders have expressed a "rule of thumb" that for every missionary out on the field, there ought to be at least 20 people faithfully supporting that person in prayer back home.
How can you be involved?

Our main prayer tool is the Wesley Weekly which is distributed to all church-goers every Sunday. The prayer items for missions occupy one entire section on the last few pages of the weekly. We encourage you to take it home and to pray through the items there week by week. The prayer pointers are updated weekly.


With your small group:


If you are part of a small group, why not use the Wesley Weekly to pray for some of the items every time you meet? Some small groups focus on one or more missionaries, to pray for them, and also to keep in touch through email or phone, so that they can pray in greater depth.


By joining a prayer chain:


This is still in formation. Contact the pastoral team member (PTM) for Missions if you are interested. Basically it means you are on “standby” to pray for urgent needs which may be sent to you via sms and/or email.


Through the Wednesday Prayer Service:


Every Wednesday (with a few exceptions due to public holidays) we have a church prayer meeting during which all the missionaries and their work are prayed for. Time: 7.30pm. Place: Level 3 Hall, unless otherwise announced.




At least twice a year there are prayer meetings at church-wide level that focus on missions. These are announced in the Wesley Weekly.


 How to pray for missionaries?
You can follow the prayer pointers given in the Wesley Weekly, but for suggestions on how to pray for missionaries when you don't have up-to-date information, please check: